4DSOUND composition for dance performance

ZERO at Fashion Week Netherlands 2014 by choreographer Nanine Linning was an unique experience during the opening night of FashionWeek Amsterdam. An unique and unrepeatable experience of dance, video projections and spatial sound composition. 

For this experience, sound designer Salvador Breed created a spatial composition on 4DSOUND and collaborated with Nanine into creating a eery, hypnotic atmosphere in which the visitors where immerged.

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014


 "Using the 4DSOUND system, Breed managed to surround visitors with his sounds, creating an intense and almost hypnotic experience. When the dancers started moving across the runway -often as groups and sometimes as couples- the emotion in the room was palpable." - A Shaded View on Fashion

"The performance is realized in cooperation with Nanine Linning and her dance company, sound designer Salvador Breed and 4DSOUND. Through this unique collaboration the opportunity arose to use for the first time the worlds first and only 4DSOUND system during a fashion presentation." - Brankopopovic