Co-founder, creative developer and sound designer for spatial audio system

4DSOUND is a system that has the ability to project moving “sound holograms” within a space; sound that you can not only listen to, but that also has the ability to move around and through you. It instigates an active role for the listener, who hereby becomes the co-composer of the piece itself, as where one is standing, or how one moves through a space, essentially influences the experience. With this, the music and the presence of the listener in the space become a physical experience for the senses. Often people who experience this for the first time speak of it as it being a ‘trip’; the music becomes responsive to the listener, creating an inclusive world of sounds within which one can freely move.
4DSOUND is collaborating with artists such as Max Cooper, Lucy, Biosphere, Stimming, Pantha du Prince and Vladislav Delay.

On the SSI (Spatial Sound Institute) Budapest:


“The 4DSOUND system is going to change music as much as the birth of amplification.” - Fact Magazine

“It’s difficult to explain the effect in words, but when used properly, it allows artists to create a rich, constantly moving and evolving piece that not only sounds amazing, but also comes much closer to what sounds are like in the real world.” - XLR8R

“The music danced around us instead of us dancing on it …many people sat down on the ground with their eyes closed, the performance became almost meditation …when the performance was finally finished, the crowd shook awake as from a dream, not fully believing of what they had just experienced.’’ - 
DJ Mag

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