Sound Scenography

Composition, spatialisation and tech design of exhibition soundworks  

Sound, when woven into an exhibition, has the power to elevate the visitor experience, enriching the narrative and creating a multisensory journey that resonates on a profound level. The importance of sound design in museum exhibitions lies in its ability to transform a visual experience into a multisensory journey.

Museums are never silent: sound is present in museums as the result of the interaction between places, people and artworks. Consciously or not, “listening” is part of the museum experience.

Sound has a unique ability to evoke emotions and trigger memories. By tapping into this emotional dimension, museum exhibits can forge a stronger connection between the visitor and the displayed works.

Whether it's placing the visitor in a certain atmospheric context, or helping an audience to zoom into a certain aspect of the work displayed, sound design has the power to make the experience come alive and resonate with the audience on a personal level.

“We hear not only with our ears, but with all our senses, our knowledge and background, our relations to the others”
- Eric de Visscher