Photo by Frank Ruiter
Salvador Breed
Professional audiofreak Salvador Breed creates and sculpts sound and technology for a wide field of contexts like live performances, fashion shows, video-art, and interactive art installations.

The Dutch artist preoccupies himself with the way acoustics, natural ambiance, silence, and space enrich one another, using subtle means to expand our notions of listening, experiencing, and sensing. Breed could be considered a choreographer of sound, as well as a composer: he acts in ways that allow even the most discordant sounds to work together, heightening the significance of moments we deem fleeting.  

With the use of field recordings, vintage analog and modern technologies, he puts down atmospheres, movements, and impacts, blurring boundaries between music and sound design.  

As a co-founder of spatial sound company 4DSOUND, he is specialized in composing space as an important element of soundtracks - whiles pushing the technical possibilities in this field.  

Collaborators among others;
Iris van Herpen - Fashion designer
Philip Beesley - Architect and artist
Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones - Photography and film
Nick Knight - Photography and film
SHOWstudio - Fashion film
Barnaby Roper - Photography and film
Geoffrey Lillemon - Visual artist
Nick Verstand - A/V artist
Russel Maliphant - Dance choreographer
Nanine Linning - Dance choreographer
Lisa Park - Brainwave / interdisciplinary artist
Max Cooper - Electronic music producer
Stimming - Electronic music producer
Detroit Swindle - Electronic music producers
Murcof - Modern classical composer
Biosphere - Ambient music producer
Lucy - Techno producer
Daphne Guinness - Musician and muse
Daria Werbowy - Fashion model 
Casey Legler - Model and artist
Saskia de Brauw - Model and artist
Gwendoline Christie - Actress and muse

Brands  among others;

Red Bull

Exhibitions  among others;
Todays Art - Art and tech festival
Toronto’s Nuit Blanche - Toronto art festival
Dutch Design Week- Art and design
Showstudio - Fashion and art platform
Photography Playground - Art and photograpy
China Academy of Art - Art academy
Royal Ontario Museum -  Toronto Museum
Design Society centre - Shenzen Museum
STRP Festival - Art & tech festival