Live spatial Sound Design & Custom software

World premiere:
October 11-15, 2023
@ Park Avenue Armony, New York

Directed by Arca, Mutant;Destrudo congregates her close friends and collaborators around a shared vision of creating space to allow for deconstruction of preconceptions. This ambitious new project is steeped in electronic music sound design to induce various states of embodied physicality and synthesize new ways to mediate both the ego and identity at large. The resulting Armory commission continues her ongoing practice of creating instances which merge all forms of creative practice, reexamining the ritual of the concert as a moment of heightened connection between those present.

Using 4DSOUND technology, ARCA’s music, voice and live instruments where spatially mixed and played during the shows.

Arca (the pseudonym of shape-shifting artist, singer, DJ, performer, and composer Alejandra Ghersi) has made her indelible mark by developing a transcendent, transgressive body of work that has collapsed long-standing barriers between artist and art, human and technology, avant-garde and pop, and many disciplines from music to visual art to fashion and beyond. 

Tickets & Info:
ARCA @ Park Avenue Armory