Electronic music
- In collaboration with Stijn van Beek


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Salvador Breed and Stijn van Beek met while studying Sound Design and Music Technology in 2006. Ever since then the pair have been beavering away behind an arsenal of blinking banks in Amsterdam. The musical fruit of their friendship is Breek, a partnership that smears the boundaries of styles and sounds with festive flare and a rainbow steaked uniqueness.  

For their vinyl debut 'Yokai', a candy coloured cornucopia of elements are swirled and whirled. Braindance, electronica and neo-classical are festooned with dubby tones and underground grit in a unique sound of diverse textures and deep tones. Faster works, like the swooping joy of “Yokai”, are countered by more contemplative “Ama.” “Hang” is a whimsical dreamscape of squirming acid lines, crisp drums and angular notes that combine to produce a brilliantly bright piece. “Mu-Onna” and “Oiwa” are more abstract works that melt vocals with sweet strings before the final piano swells and ambient rains of “Burabura.” A daring and dynamic vinyl debut from this eccentric duo.

Image by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones
in collaboration with Andrew Gallimore & Chris Levine

"An incredibly evocative take on both the landscape and the “binnengevoel” that life in NL engenders - Incendiary Magazine 

"A beautiful intro into my day. Viva electronica." - The Ransom Note

"Clever construction, bright beats and a lack of pretention: excellent." - A new band a day

"Inuit shows Breek focusing most of its attention on melodic low end and the minute details of its clicking percussion, with a healthy serving of gurgling synths mixed in for added texture.’’ - XLR8R

"Gewoon luisteren, punt." - Eclectro