Between Mind and Matter

Audiovisual Installation in collaboration with Nick Verstand.

‘Between Mind and Matter’ is a location specific installation for STRP Festival which explores the subtle and diffuse transition space between physical and perceived reality. How do we relate to this newly found space?  

Seemingly tangible laser light creates a perceptual architecture in the space, modulating through the tension of a physical string model. The light is influenced by the gravitational pull of spatial sound objects through deep integration in the 4DSOUND engine.  The work investigates how this perceptual architecture can create a living, enveloping and constantly shifting audiovisual environment, engaging with visitors during extended interactions and enhances their experience. How do humans respond to these evolving interactions in a process of mutual adaptation?  

Using the spatial position of 4DSOUND sound holograms, a physical model of a string is modulated in space, materialized by an array of projection mapped lasers. These work together as one, creating a illusionary wall of light modulated by the sound objects moving through it in space. The light is controlled by software developed specifically for this installation by creative coder Marcel Smit. By tensing, pulling, hitting and sweeping the string, a perceptual architecture is experienced, bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical.  

Composing for this work consisted of a fine balance between designing sounds, spatializing in a musical way and defining how these sound objects influence the physical model in the space.  To make this possible, new tools were developed for this project for audio visual and spatial composing.

Concept & design by Salvador Breed & Nick Verstand
Music by Salvador Breed, Stijn van Beek & Maarten Vos
Laser & physical modelling coding by Marcel Smit
Spatial sound software & interface design by 4DSOUND
Laser software powered by NAP framework  

Nick Verstand
STRP festival

Volkskrant; "Enchantingly beautiful and also slightly confusing"  (dutch) 

NRC; “It’s overwhelming and subtle at the same time: the wall of laser light sometimes seems soft as silk, at other times hard as steel.” (dutch)