Epiphyte Membrane

Sound design for installation by architect Philip Beesley

Epiphyte Membrane is a suspended canopy installed within the massive concrete spaces of the Opernwerstatten in Berlin, the former set design studios of the Deutsche Staatsoper / German State Opera. The 28m x 4m installation forms part of the group exhibition Photography Playground sponsored by Olympus and curated by Leigh Sachwitz of FlauraFaunaVisions.

Sound designer Salvador Breed worked in collaboration with the Beesley studio to create a synthetic forest of sound emanating from multiple miniature speakers embedded within the sculptural membrane. Organic power cells using vinegar, copper and aluminum provide weak currents that trigger an array of microprocessors, producing a constantly-shifting field of machine-made whispering sound.

9 April to 24 May 2014
Opernwerstatten, Berlin

Artconnect Berlin