Journey of a Raindrop -
The strange attraction of water

Music / Sound Design for Installation by
Jolan van de Wiel x ISSEY MIYAKE

‘The strange attraction of water. If you could live the life of a raindrop, the world is your roller coaster. Exposed to different environments, a drop of water can be either a waterfall, a dancing snowflake or a raging storm. Rain brings fertility and abundance, but can just as well be a powerful force of destruction. Therefore mankind has had an ambivalent relationship with rain throughout its history.

At ISSEY MIYAKE in Milan, Jólan van der Wiel lets you travel along on the journey of a raindrop. In his innovative installations, science and uncanny beauty meet to create an experience of the many forms rain takes, to see the world through a drop of water.

Project credits
Audio hardware by Jochem Esser
Design support by David vd Veldt
Technology support by Scott and Nico van Haastrdrecht
Video by Marco Viganò - © ISSEY MIYAKE

Jolan van der Wiel


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Design Scene
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