Multispeaker (10.8) composition for installation
- In collaboration with architect/artist Philip Beesley

Ocean is a turbulent primal environment in the City Hall of Toronto by Philip Beesley. A constantly-changing canopy of recycled textiles induces vast, unstable forces where brilliant bursts of light alternate with dark, surging movements and intense waves of hypnotic sound. A chorus of cries and whispers echoes within rising waves.

This dense aggregation of raw recycled textiles from H&M's Garment Collecting Initiative is transformed into an intricate and undulating mass, evoking the emergence of life in the ocean environment from unconscious realms into living form. This deeply immersive installation questions the hardened boundaries of traditional architecture and evokes self-generation, renewal and adaptation.

Ocean took part in Toronto's Nuit Blanche 2016 and is made possible by the city of Toronto and H&M.

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016
City Hall of Toronto

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Philip Beesley Architect Nuit Blanche Toronto
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