Red Bull Playrooms

Music/sound design for short documentary
- In collaboration with Halal Amsterdam

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Amsterdam-based textile designer, Borre Akkersdijk worked in conjunction with Red Bull At Night to develop a one-of-a-kind event that looked to push the boundaries of clubbing through deliberately activating our five senses – each of which, they believe, play a big part in the clubbing experience.

With the help of some world-class specialists in the field of music/sound design, food, scents and visual design, the event provided a thorough experience meant to trigger each one of your senses separately, and also simultaneously – a separate room aptly named the “Overdrive” room was created for the sole purpose of overwhelming all the senses.
To document the creative proces working towards the event, they are creating a short documentary exploring the different elements that came together.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2016

Red Bull