Composition & Sound Design for Flamenco / Theater piece  
In STEFFA, flamenco star Manuel Liñán puts himself in the shoes of the Dutch (flamenco) dancer and ballet teacher Steffa Wine. Before and during the Second World War, Steffa Wine was a popular flamenco dancer and toured throughout the Netherlands and Germany with her 'Spaansche Dansavonden' until 1944. This was not quite appreciated by everyone after the war. STEFFA is a re-enactment of her controversial performances that took place in the City Theaters during WWII.  

-whenever she wanted, she just danced-

Manuel Liñán (1980) is an internationally acclaimed star, a virtuoso, engaging flamenco dancer and choreographer. He grew up in the southern Spanish city of Granada in a socially conservative environment, where his performances as a woman were certainly not applauded. Liñán explores traditional gender roles in the flamenco world and organically reverses them in his successful shows. He is now seen as a trendsetter in new forms of flamenco dance. In 2018, Liñán received the National Dance Prize from the Spanish Ministry of Culture. In his recent worldwide acclaimed work ¡VIVA! he takes his research into gender and identity in flamenco a step further. He is the ideal dancer for this performance.

Direction and choreography: Susanne Marx
Dance and choreography: Manuel Liñán
Vocals: María MarínGuitar: Francisco Vinuesa
Musical direction: Kirsten Schötteldreier
Assistant sound design: Ayrton Speet
Technician: Martin Kaffarnik
Repetitor: Candela Murillo
Video design: Helle Lyshøj
Costumes: Sasja Strengholt

STEFFA is a co-production of ITA, VET Foundation and Flamenco Biënnale Netherlands. Supported by the Fonds Podiumkunsten Den Haag, the BNG Fonds and Fonds21.