Live electroacoustic performance for Iris van Herpen fashion show

- In collaboration with Kazuya Nagaya

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For “Seijaku”, the Couture collection presented in Paris on July 4th, 2016 Iris van Herpen explores the study of cymatics, which visualizes sound waves as evolving geometric patterns. In cymatics, the higher the frequency of the sound wave, the more complex the visible patterns.

“Seijaku" is the Japanese word and concept for finding serenity amidst life’s chaos. To provide a seamless experience between the show and its concept, we collaborated with the Japanese musician Kazuya Nagaya to create a Zen bowl sound installation.

The artist performed live during the show in the L’Oratoire du Louvre which was specifically chosen for its exceptional acoustics that fuse the meditative sound waves of the Zen bowls. Within this immersive environment the models and the audience engage in a collective experience which breaks down the barrier between them.
The sound of the bowls was electronically modulated to create additional, surrealistic layers of spatial sound which made it a hypnotic & mesmerizing experience.

4 July 2016
Paris Fashion Week, L’Oratoire du Louvre, Paris


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Iris van Herpen 

Kazuya Nagaya