Tactile audiovisual installation in collaboration with  Max Cooper & Martin Krzywinski
Combining technology, ancient architecture, and bespoke audiovisual design it seeks to induce a personalised state of going beyond; it aims to transport you away from everyday experience to a place of reflection and discovery.

The encounter is communicated with a deep priming question, and a bed of sound that infuses your entire body via a haptic audio delivery system designed and built for the installation, alongside surround audiovisual components mapping transcendental numbers to the beautiful canopy of St Michael’s Church Leuven.

It was designed in response to the festival program of artistic challenges to modern dilemmas, in this case, looking inward to our own thought processes for a personalized experience unique to each participant.

Transcendence was commissioned by and& festival Leuven and Het Depot.

Max Cooper
Martin Krzywinsk