Within Without

Composition and music curation audiovisual performance at Carré, Amsterdam. 
WITHIN WITHOUT explores modern rituals in time and space in the form of a unique audiovisual Gesamtkunstwerk that seeks out the boundaries of an unparalleled new reality.

WITHIN WITHOUT plays with our perception of space – the space around us, but also the space within ourselves. Under a dancing circle of light in the heart of Carré, live electronics, performers and composers will engulf you for an hour while illusionary walls of light sharpen your senses in unison. With the arena at maximum height, you will be right in the heart of it. 

WITHIN WITHOUT draws inspiration from mythological symbols of archetypal human experiences, connecting our internal experience with our external surroundings. The work was developed exclusively for Royal Theater Carré in collaboration with Nick Verstand, Max Cooper, BEA1991, Wes Broersen and Sarah Neutkens.

This ensemble also plays a key role during the live performance, complementedby a choir consisting of Fer Kitzen, Terence Goodmann, Sascha Beynon and Lonneke van der Weerd, and a team of multidisciplinary artists. 

Light creating optical illusions propels thesensory experience to maximum awe, in an environment where light and sound movethrough space in sync. Four out of ten scheduled shows will feature special guest Eefje de Visser.

WITHIN WITHOUT was made possible by the Kickstart Cultuurfonds and the Carré Fonds, among others.